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Turkey & Syria Earthquake Appeal
Update Monday 20th February: With your assistance WLIC has raised £50,000, Jazakallah'Khair, please continue your support.

On Monday 6th February 2023, two earthquakes of 7.8 and 7.5 magnitudes struck South East Turkey and North West Syria. Some 45,000 people have been confirmed dead so far. Thousands have been injured and made homeless.

UKIM Relief teams are on the ground helping those affected, providing emergency aid and support. Our brothers and sisters require essential items such as medication, blankets, clothing, baby food, shelter and much more. Please donate generously and help save precious lives. Jazakallah'Khair.

Click here to donate online.

Donations can also be made in person by visiting the WLIC centre office, or by bank transfer using the reference Turkey EQ:

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Be sure We shall test you with something of fear and hunger some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil) but give glad tidings to those who patiently perservere. Who say when afflicted with calamity,'To Allah we belong and to Him is our return,' [Al-Qur'an 2:155]