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Ealing Community Assists Refugees in Europe

On January 7th-9th representatives from WLIC Ealing Mosque visited Lesbos, Greece, the island were war inflicted, traumatised refugees with children, arrive on a daily basis having risked their lives, on ramshackle rafts, in freezing temperatures, crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey into Europe. They also met volunteers from the transit camps between Macedonia and Serbia. Donations raised by the WLIC Ealing and wider community, for much needed food, clothing and medicines were distributed to official camp organisers at Moria, Pikpa and Miratovac.

Most days upwards of 1000 people pass through or seek short-term refuge at these shelters which are run by hearted volunteers from across Europe, Germany, Austria and as far away as America and Australia. Working in shifts, they spend their nights looking out to sea to spot boats and their days tending to the needs of new and old arrivals. Individual stories of the refugees are in most cases too painful to relay, and their courage in the face of extreme adversity is extraordinary. Their appreciation was overwhelming, we would like to express our thanks to everyone who supported this important initiative, a practical demonstration of our solidarity with those in need. A further visit to the main camp in Calais is planned for February.

WLIC requests you to continue your assistance in this ongoing crisis, by supporting the Better Community Business Network's efforts in aid of the Refugee Council UK, which is the first point of reference for refugees arriving in the UK. This year's annual BCBN dinner for the benefit of the Refugee Council's children program will take place on Monday 15th February at the Grosvenor Marriott, London. For details and ticket donations please visit

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