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WLIC Ice-Cream Van Whips up Joy Across Ealing Again!

A quiet, cloudy subdued bank holiday Monday 25th May 2015 was brought to life with the return of the legendary WLIC Mosque Ice Cream Van across the streets of Ealing. Its mission? To serve as many delicious fresh Ice cream cones to as many people for absolutely free!

A simple gift giving gesture to promote neighbourly kindness sponsored by the local Muslim community. Official figures counted 372 delicious Mr Whippy styled vanilla ice cream cones that were distributed to people across busy high streets, parks, shopping centres and quiet residential areas. There was only 1 reported scoop fatality, though thankfully the van was at hand to provide a replacement cone.

The WLIC Mosque Ice Cream Van attracted the attention of hundreds of onlookers from all walks of life as it traversed back and across Ealing roads. From retired pensioners enjoying an afternoon stroll, to children enjoying park football during the school half term; all were pleasantly distracted by the prospect of a gifted fresh ice cream cone. “Its lovely what you are doing. It really has put a smile on me and my kid's faces because everyone loves ice cream!' said one overjoyed mother.“This proves to me that neighbourly spirit still exists in our community” said another satisfied resident.

WLIC would like to thank Mr Sikander Zaidi for offering his precious time and service in the hire of his Ice cream van, also the volunteers who assisted him and all those who donated towards this local campaign.

Watch the WLIC Ice-Cream van video here.

The Prophet(pbuh) said, 'My example and the example of the Prophets before me is like a man who built a house, which he built and perfected except for the space on one block; people would go round the house and stare in awe at its perfection and say,'Had it not been for this space!' The Prophet continued, 'I am that brick, I am the last of the Prophets.' (Al-Bukhari)