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WLIC Message of Condolence to Alice Gross Family

On behalf of the Muslim community the West London Islamic Centre (Ealing Mosque), its staff and congregation would like to express their deep sadness and condolences to the parents of Alice Gross, on the news of her passing.

During Friday prayers on the 3rd of October, the Imams reminded the congregation that a daughter and a sister had been lost by our neighbours, that we share this grief and should assist in whatever way we can, even if through remembrance.

Having arranged flowers for the impromptu memorial at Hanwell Clock Tower, the chair of WLIC Mr Tariq Usmani said, 'With beautiful, fluttering yellow ribbons adorning trees, railings and cars throughout the borough in her remembrance, and as members of our local Ealing community and family, we have all felt a part of the anguish and sorrow this disappearance and the taking of such a young, innocent and precious life has caused. We join our friends and colleagues in faith to pray for Alice, may her family be granted much comfort and patience at this difficult time and we remain at their service.'
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Missing Person: Have You Seen Alice Gross

Police are growing increasingly concerned for a missing 14 year old girl from Hanwell, Ealing. Alice Gross was last seen at 1pm on Thursday 28th August 2014 when she left her home address in Hanwell.

She told her family she would be home for her evening meal but didn't return. Alice is white, 5ft 2Ins tall and of slim build, she has shoulder length light brown hair. When she was last seen she was wearing dark blue jeans, a dark coloured T-shirt, denim blue Vans shoes and carrying a dark coloured ruck sack. She may have tartan-framed spectacles with her.

The police are extremely concerned about Alice who has health concerns and would urge anyone with information to call: 020 8358 0100

We ask the community keep Alice in their prayers and we hope she returns safely.

'And remember your Lord by your tounge and within yourself, humbly and in awe, without loudness, by words in the morning and in the afternoon, and be not amongst those who are neglectful' [Al Quran 7:205]