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WLIC Hosts Successful Community Iftar 2012

WLIC was delighted to host a Community Iftar event on Wednesday 15th August as part of its Sharing Ramadan with Ealing initiative, bringing together local residents, neighbours, councillors, civic and faith leaders, to participate in a special ‘open’ breaking of fast, Iftar dinner to share the Ramadan experience with our non-Muslim friends and colleagues.

Ramadan is a time of peace, reflection, self-improvement, tolerance and gratitude towards the Divine for what we have been blessed with, when Muslims fast and feel the pinch of hunger and thirst, and are compelled to compete in good deeds, especially charity and generosity.

The event featured favourite foods from around the Muslim world together with speeches from Centre representatives and Imams, as well as special guests the Rt Hon Steven Pound MP, the Leader of Ealing Council Mr Julian Bell and the Mayor of Ealing Mr Mohammed Aslam.

Speakers touched on the importance of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, understanding towards one another and our civic duty to help those in need. It was in this vein that WLIC launched Sharing Ramadan with Ealing, which thanks to the support from community donations and volunteers was able to provide food for over 280 local homeless people during Ramadan. This program was run in association with two admirable local homeless centres, St. Mungo’s Brent and Acton Homeless Concern, with the kind support of Acton Muslim Welfare Association & Mosque.

WLIC also made an appeal to support Ealing Hospital, by joining a community protest march on Saturday 15th September, beginning in Southall Park, due to pivotal A&E services used by many in the community being at risk of closure because of government funding cuts. With God’s eternal Grace, the event was enjoyed by all guests and was a valued example of positive, open and friendly engagement with our wider community, in this blessed month.

WLIC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all supporting volunteers, Sapna Catering, Middle East Food Market, Maulana Restaurant, Taste of Lahore and Exhibition Islam for providing free information packs, and last but not least to all our guests for attending.

It is narrated on the authority of Jabir that Numan b. Qaufal came to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and said: 'Would I enter Paradise if I say the obligatory prayers and deny myself that which is forbidden and treat that as lawful what has been made permissible (by the Shariah)'? The Holy Prophet(pbuh) replied in the affirmative.[Sahih Muslim]