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IEngage Politics & Media Masterclass


What: Politics Master class

When: Sunday 17th June 2-6pm

Where: West London Islamic Centre 


What: Media Master class

When: Sunday 1st July  2-6pm

Where: West London Islamic Centre  


 Course Content

British Political and Electora Systems

- The British political system, types of electoral systems, distribution of power between the executive, legislature & judiciary

- The legislative process - how a bill becomes law, recent legislation affecting the Muslim community

- Political understanding as an Islamic duty

 Lobbying and Group Interests

- Understanding group interests in the democratic process

- Learn how lobbies work, what they do and how they are regulated

Political Parties and Elected Representatives

- Understand the role & responsibilities of MPs, Councillors and MEPs

- A short history of the main political parties & their stance on different policy issues

- Understand the role of political parties in the democratic process

The workshops will be delivered by experienced community workers and activists, open to brothers and sisters but registration is required, please email or call 020 7330 8797

Course Content

The Media - Its reach and influence

- Understand ‘the media’, Social & Online

- Media as the Fourth Estate, the power               & potential of investigative journalism

- Media ownership, diversity & media           plurality

 The Media and Muslims

- Explore the narratives, frames and visual   imagery used in relation to Islam and         Muslims

Regulating Media Output

- Self regulation, complaints procedures            and taking positive action

Achieving Balance in a Troubled             World

- Impartiality, objectivity and editorial     interference




Address: West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid Brownlow Road, London W13 0SQ

The Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) said, 'Whoever introduces into this affair of ours (i.e. into Islam) something that does not belong to it, it is to be rejected.' [Sahih Muslim]