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Pakistan Recovery Fund Assistance


The West London Islamic Centre received a bronze medal commissioned by HRH the Prince of Wales for its support of his latest charitable initiative – The Pakistan Recovery Fund (PRF), The limited editions made from one of The Queen’s medal makers are designed to recognise support to the Fund and also act as a public testament to the contributions made by individuals and organisations.

HRH The Prince of Wales’ concern for the situation in Pakistan moved him to make a personal donation through Islamic Relief in the immediate aftermath of the floods. Subsequently he set up the Pakistan Recovery Fund, a time-bound initiative dedicated to raising between £2-5milliion for flood victims.

HRH The Prince of Wales’ has expressed both his personal affinity with Pakistan and the pressing need to address the humanitarian challenges the country is facing. His reaction to the damage caused by the floods was to turn to [his] charities to see what practical support they could offer…and several groups answered this call straight away.  He has said that the people of Pakistan need our help and we must not be silent in their time need.  He wanted to ‘draw the spotlight’ back onto the victims of the Pakistani floods. With the Fund there is a new  opportunity to rebuild towns and villages and infrastructure, not to mention livelihoods and health.  The fund places the highest possible priority on transparency, quality control and delivery on the ground. HRH has expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone in joining with him to support the cause and wanted to thank all the Mosques who participated for the efforts they made.

The special representative to HRH The Prince of Wales’, and Chairman of the Fund, John O’Brien echoed this sentiment stating that the destruction in Pakistan seems ‘incomparable to disasters elsewhere, the people of Pakistan have shown tremendous courage and resilience, they believe that they are lucky and that with a little bit of help they can prosper again.’ 

To donate or find out more please visit the Pakistan Recovery Fund website –

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