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WLIC calls for calm and vigilance amid dreadful riots in Ealing


Tuesday 9th August 2011


WLIC urges all residents of Ealing to remain calm, vigilant and responsible following the outbreaks of anti-social, criminal disorder and looting across the borough last night. In close proximity to the Mosque, it was distressing to see young people acting in such a lawless manner, attacking businesses and buildings within their own community and with complete impunity for over 3 hours.

WLIC urges young people to reflect on the intimidation and destruction they have caused and refrain from any further criminal behaviour, there can be no justification for such mayhem. The authorities should act swiftly, firmly but fairly to prevent any further disturbances.

It is essential that the underlying causes of this social unrest and youth disengagement are identified and addressed. The voluntary, faith & community sectors should be recognised and adequately supported as key resources in working with and supporting young people.

The WLIC Friday sermon will address the events of the last few days and in a special announcement made before the unrest began, during yesterday’s evening prayer, WLIC Imam Inayatullah summed up the mood in the Centre when he reminded the congregation ‘that Islam prohibits in the strongest terms all such acts of rioting, theft, vandalism and assault by anyone. Such criminality is an affront to faith and society, it is inexcusable, reprehensible and considered a 'fitna' - one of the most serious crimes in Islam. On the contrary, Islam compels people to be honest, peaceful, conscientious citizens that are dutiful to one another - as was the example set by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’.

We would like to remind all community members of the following:

- Stay updated with local news reports on any warnings of disorder in the coming days. Follow the advice of your local Police.

- Please note and report any incident of criminality suffered or witnessed to the Police authorities. Co-operate with police investigations and enquiries as best as you can. Dial 999 for emergencies, otherwise 101 for your local Police station (Ealing Police Station - 67-69 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, W5).

- Report any incident suffered that may be motivated by Islamophobia / anti-Muslim hatred to the Police and the Muslim Safety Forum (Web:

- For your own safety, do not attempt to take the law into your own hands. The Police are better equipped to handle such matters and will do their utmost to ensure order and safety for all.

- Do not under any circumstances participate, encourage or even spectate at any of the activities of criminal public disorder mentioned. 


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