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First Ever Unity in Faith & Community Exhibition


First Ever Unity in Faith & Community Exhibition Ealing

Saturday 26th February 2011 saw over 300 attendees of diverse backgrounds attend the much awaited Unity in Faith & Community Exhibition, jointly organised by the West London Islamic Centre & Discover Islam in the distinguished venue of Ealing Town Hall. By God’s grace, the event was a great success and a true example of active, community inspired cohesion and engagement; as local residents of all faiths and persuasions, young and old, came together to meet, discuss and learn from one another in a harmonious atmosphere.

The warm community event included an impressive Islamic cultural exhibition, open seminars & interactive presentations, kids activities, gift bags as well as a complimentary menu of exquisite and mouth-watering foods and beverages from across the Muslim world.

Commenting on the event, PCSO Thomson of the Ealing Safer Neighbourhood Team said it was ‘An excellent event, which the police found extremely informative and useful’. Meanwhile local resident Mrs Dee remarked ‘Wonderful displays and a superb initiative to encourage understanding’.

One of the project co-ordinator’s Waqas Shafi explained, ‘We wanted all attendees to depart with a positive experience and understanding of the pristine and peaceful message of Islam. Whilst also demonstrating that British Muslims are a vibrant, active and conscientious section of the community, who reach out and engage with their wider friends and neighbours, helping strengthen the ties of civic kinship and accord.’

On behalf of WLIC, the Chair Mr Abdul Hamid expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to all event guests, business sponsors, devoted volunteers, elders and the Discover Islam team, with a special note of gratitude to Ealing Town Hall and its staff for facilitating this great community occasion.

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Address: Ealing Town Hall, Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W5

Event Date: 26 February 2011

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "He who unfairly treats a non-Muslim who keeps a peace treaty with Muslims, or undermines his rights, or burdens him beyond his capacity, or takes something from him without his consent; then I will be his opponent on the Day of Judgment' [Related in Abu Dawud]