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30 Steps to True Happiness

Organised in association with Al-Fitrah, Sheikh Salim Al Amry (UAE & Peace TV) Sunday 11th April 2010 10am-8pm 

A one-day intensive covering hpw to attain true happiness with the extremely happy Sheikh Salim, tried and tested you won't leave without a don't worry be happy and register today at

Make this the Sunday that changes your life and sets your short term and long term goals for you. Make it your path to Jannat as the hadith states 'those who tread the path of knowledge then Allah will make easy for them the paths to paradise' through implimentation of that knowledge.

A small entry fee will apply with all monies going to Al-Fitrah's dawah activities. All welcome.

Phone No: 020 8429 0001

Address: UKIM West London Islamic Centre, Brownlow Road, West Ealing, London W13 0SQ

The Prophet (pbuh) said 'That which is lawful is plain and that which is unlawful is plain and between the two of them are doubtful matters about which not many people know. Thus he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in regard to his religion and his honor, but he who falls into doubtful matters falls into that which is unlawful, like the shepherd who pastures around a sanctuary, all but grazing therein. Truly every king has a sanctuary, and truly Allah's sanctuary is His prohibitions. Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be whole, all the body is whole and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart.' [Related in Bukhari]