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Response to Ladbroke Grove Fire

Our heartfelt prayers are with the victims of Grenfell Tower, we have been working in partnership with local charities to deliver relief & provide volunteers.

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London Bridge Attack

We are deeply saddened by the attacks carried out in London Bridge on the evening of Saturday 3rd June. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and loved ones.

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A Delightful Final 'CommuniTea Gathering' at WLIC

On Saturday 22nd April, WLIC West Ealing Masjid hosted a heartening 'CommuniTea Gathering' farewell & exhibition event for Ealing residents.

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Afternoon Tea at WLIC is a Sell Out!

On Sunday 7th February WLIC joined over 80 mosques nationwide to host a fabulous and sumptuous afternoon tea Mosque open day.

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Ealing Community Assists Refugees in Europe

WLIC raises and delivers funds to refugee camps in Greece and Macedonia.

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WLIC Delivers Appetising Youth Careers Event

The West London Islamic Centre hosted it's second Youth Careers event entitled 'Meet, Munch & Learn' on Saturday 5th December 2015

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Jannah Youth Club Bears Gifts for Sick Children

WLIC's Jannah Youth Club paid a special visit to Ealing Hospitals Charlie Chaplin Ward for sick children

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WLIC Shares the Eid Feeling with Ealing

A heartfelt initiative by the Ealing Muslim community to distribute Eid gifts to our neighbours

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WLIC Ice-Cream Van Whips up Joy Across Ealing Again!

A simple gift giving gesture to promote neighbourly kindness sponsored by the local Muslim community

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WLIC Message of Condolence to Alice Gross Family

On behalf of the Ealing Muslim community WLIC expressed its sadness and condolences to the family of Alice Gross

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