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Adult Islamic Study Circles
Adult Islamic Study Circles

TEMPORARY CLASSES DURING REDEVELOPMENT-English Tafseer of Al'Quran & brothers circle. Saturday 1.30pm : Urdu Dars-e-Qur'an & Hadith, Saturday at 6pm : Somali Islamic Study Circle, Sunday after Duhr 1.30pm : Pushtu Quranic Study Circle, Monday After Asr : Sisters Study Circle in English Thursday 11am-1pm & Sunday 10am-12pm: Sisters Youth Club Wednesday 5pm. Visit Office for further details.

Phone No: 020 8840 4140

The Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) said, 'Whoever introduces into this affair of ours (i.e. into Islam) something that does not belong to it, it is to be rejected.' [Sahih Muslim]