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West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid
WLIC Iftar Hilton DoubleTree
Join us and special guests on Tuesday 12th June 7.45pm at the Hilton DoubleTree, Ealing for an evening to reflect and inspire.
Eidul-Fitr 2018 Announcement
Eidul-Fitr 2018 has been confirmed for Friday 15th of June. May Allah accept our fasting and prayers during Ramadan. See here for prayer times.
The WLIC Redevelopment Appeal

Aisha(RA) said she was asked how the Messenger of God behaved in his house. She said,'He was like any man; he washed his clothes, milked his sheep, served himself and helped in the daily chores, when he heard the Adhaan (call to prayer) he left everything to go to the Mosque.' (Al-Bukhari)