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West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid
Ramadan Challenge Raises 30k
With your support WLIC was able to raise a remarkable 30k in 24Hrs bagging a 2000 dollar prize. Thank you to you all.
Ramadan 2020
We would like wish the community a blessed Ramadan, join us for live streams, daily reminders, family quiz nights and more. In these blessed nights please support the final Phase 3 of the new Masjid.
Basics of Eid at Home

Aisha(RA) said she was asked how the Messenger of God behaved in his house. She said,'He was like any man; he washed his clothes, milked his sheep, served himself and helped in the daily chores, when he heard the Adhaan (call to prayer) he left everything to go to the Mosque.' (Al-Bukhari)