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West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid
WLIC Opening Guidelines
Subject to a decline in Covid transmission rates, the Centre will reopen with a phased approach on Saturday 25th of July, please review the guidelines.
Eid Ul Adha 2020 & The 10 Days of Virtue
The blessed month of Dhul Hijjah will begin on Tuesday 21st July, with Eidul Adha celebrated on Friday 31st July. Unfortunatley there will be no Eid Salah held in WLIC this year.
The 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah

"O those of My servants who have transgressed against your own selves, despair not of God's mercy. God does forgive all sins, for surely He is the most forgiving most merciful." [Al-Qur'an 53]