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West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid
Ramadan Kareem 2023
We would like to wish the entire community a joyful Ramadan Kareem, you can now access the WLIC Ramadan Activity Calendar.
The Exalted Month of Ramadan
The Blessed Month is upon us, have we prepared its reception and will we use it for our betterment?
The Virtues of Night Prayer

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Verily the kinship will be connected to the Throne of the Most Merciful on the Day of Ressurection. It will say: 'This is the place for those who sought refuge in You O Lord from the severing (of family ties)'. So Allah will say to it: 'Will it please you that I connect those who maintained you and that I cut of those who severed you?'. And it will say:'I will be pleased with this, my Lord.'"